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This is a pure scam site. Probably harvesting emails as you sign up. You will get "likes" and when you pay, there is nothing.
You can send "likes" or messages to 30 people and you still won't get anything. Not even someone who viewed you back.
And always when you pay, they have this little thing that says: "your discounted price if you pay within 24 hours.
Also no card facility? Very dodgy. Only EFT. Trust me - when your money is gone it is gone. There absolutely no way to get in touch of the owner of the site or any reply.

Oh and if they feel like deleting your account, they will do so. A while ago I tried to sign back in, and it just says - email not found in our database. And I still had a paid subscription for 10 days.

Absolute nothing.

Just read my review.

Rain does NOT recommend to friends/family

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