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WoesFlirts - Scam


I totally agree the comment by lookingFu.
You get the following message:
"It's not really necessary to talk on here and get to know each other, right?
Mind skipping the chats and face each other over lunch?
When? Where?
So I reply :
"Good morning.
Are you serious, as nearly everyone I have been in contact with just wants to send messages when the best way to see if compatible is to actually meet. These messages remind of the little notes we used to pass under the desks at school.
Will be down your way, as that says where you live either Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so where do you
suggest we meet?"
And the reply you get is:
"How can you say that all the women that you chatted on this site just only want to chat with you? What will b\they be getting if they will do that to you? I will decide if I think that we have a connection. I will not just meet up with any man that will reply back to me. If you know what I mean?"
The whole system is to get you drawn in to by more credits and you never meet anyone.
Wonder where they get the pictures and profiles from?


It is one big con.

badlyinnee does NOT recommend WoesFlirts to friends/family

WoesFlirts - Scam


This site really flatters you, but if you look at it sensibly, how can some one of my age attract on average 60-70 favourite/wink/messages e-mails per day.
When you get in "conversation" with a "match" there is always some reason why you cannot meet, e.g. I am shy. I don't know you well enough etc.
The "conversations" are just to get you to purchase more message credits which are not cheap.
Bitten once, not going to be bitten twice.


It is a con

Looking4Fu does NOT recommend WoesFlirts to friends/family

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