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Secret Match Club - It seems like love and it's not love


Ladies at this site they seem to be trained and some of them are models paid to communicate with us. They are too cruel and they here for money. They are here to seduce you and you will buy more credits. This credits are used to make money for this site and to these ladies. I have read their terms and conditions many times it states that you are going to talk with people which meeting them isn't possible. It is a scam we are fool by what we see there on that site. These love sites they generate millions of money by simply selling credits and don't be fooled by naked, half women who says she loves you. They are lying and you will never meet them. You will lose your money and I don't recommend to use love site when they need love. People should go to people like in old days and these sites are rubbish.



Fake profiles and they cannot provide you with more photo's when you need their photo's and gentlemen please wake up.

Stop!!! looking for love over the websites and they cannot give one their numbers, cuz they are fraud or scam. Please South Africa wake up. Wake up Africa and stop looking in this sites. These people are making a fortune and while you losing and wasting your precious time and money. Stop them and they are fakes!!!

Daniel does NOT recommend Secret Match Club to friends/family

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