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Secret Cheaters

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Casual Dating

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    My own positive review of SMC

    Review about Secret Match Club

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    I'm a mere mail. I find the girls on SMC incredibly beautiful & glorious. They are VERY horny. More so than the women I normally experience, or with whom I socialise. I don't see this making it a scam because they are on-site looking for a match-up. Quite obviously only a certain type is gong on site. Most of their comments are very sexual in content, which is not a bad thing. A lot are wanting to give or receive oral sex, while others discuss accepting anul. Again not a bad thing as there are only a certain number of things which a normal hetrosexual couple can do. The fact that I find them extremely horny is purely in my own, limited experience.

    Secret Match Club SCAM !!!

    Review about Secret Match Club

    Mostly pretty girls with flirty suggestions or intimate requests and empty promises. Suspicious and vague responses and absolutely no knowledge of the city/town they claim to be from. Desperate people being conned out of their money chasing dreams that are TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Absolute SCAM!



    Love sexy

    Review about Just Sex Only




    fake website

    Review about Secret Match Club

    the website is fake nothing is real there they just want to scam you


    con artists