I am apprehensive, to use this site, as, there are so many scam sites out there, and this is possibly, just another one of them.
They advertise as a free site, but then your membership expires quickly. You can't even read others messages ,to you.
Plus, they attempt extensively to coerce you, to the full membership.
Don't trust it.
If sites like this, wanted business, they should allow people to communicate for free, for at least a week, with real members, not fake profiles, and then ask for payment.
Too many other sites like this, which are fake.
Makes me suspicious



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The landing page of the site makes it clear that the site is free to try and the wording actually says that you can "test drive" the site for free and specifically refers to a "Trial Period". Free to Try does NOT imply totally free - even Microsoft allows you to try its products for free, but they're definitely not free.
Kindly also the Terms here, to which you agreed, and specifically refer to the Free Members section in these terms:

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