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    OK but can be improved

    I like the site because it uses Afrikaans which keeps away many of the scammers.

    My main issue is that it does not allow you to search by city or suburb so you get lots of people who live far away in your searches. Adding a location would help a lot maybe like Tinder.

    Afrikaans and simple to use

    Cannot tell where person lives needs location

    Fake profiles and false leads

    I suspect a lot of the profiles on this website are not real. For the 2nd time I have "suddenly" received messages from a profile after my subscription expired. I replied and a conversation with this "profile" developed until my free messages expired. Then right after renewing my subscription, the conversation stopped. Sure sign that I was fooled and duped - again - joke is on me I admit. But be warned, as confirmed by a few studies conducted on these dating sites, the success rates are extremely low, and even more so for male participants. These studies also revealed that a majority of the profiles on these sites are fake.

    Just another dating site to take advantage of ignorance and naivety.

    Worse than amateurish website design and functionality

    Can't load pic

    Good site. 99% of people don't respond. But that's not stoutgat 's fault. Can't load Pic. Request for help... Got no response.

    At least got some responses. They don't try rob you like some other places by taking money from you bank monthly. Stoutgat is nice and honest. It's a once off payment. I respect them for that.

    Can't load foto. Questions are ignored

    Behaviour slander

    Scam swears and carries on like a 5 year old todler the owner at webmd@gmail the site is a legit scam.


    Slaunders and swears or cusses when trying to ask about acc issues.Website is litteraly a scam ,if need screenshots of his email responses can be sent.

    How do I create a profile?

    Interested in joining your site but I can't seem to find the page on which to create my profile. Google only takes me to the login page.

    Can you send me the registration page address?

    Webmaster's Response: Free Trial Period

    We acknowledge that some users may be confused by the distinction between totally free sites and free-to-try sites. We apologize for this, but please note that Stoutgat is the latter, a free-to-try website, which means you can try it for a limited period, after which you will be asked for payment. This approach is extremely common in the software industry. You can, for example, use the trial versions of Microsoft Office for free, but only for a short trial period. Although it doesn't cost anything to register on our site, and you can even send free messages, our registration page specifically mentions that you're signing up for a trial period and also says that you can "test drive" our site, which clearly indicates it's a trial membership you signed up for. Our Terms and Conditions page - to which you had to agree - also contains a specific section regarding free users. You can read the section about free users here: We do, however, apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but, and here's the nice thing, you can simply remove your profile if you choose not to become a premium member.

    If you do experience any issues with the site or have an inquiry, we do respond to all inquiries that are sent to us from the site's messaging page, within 8 business hours. Business hours are 8am to 5pm SA time, Monday to Friday. To get to the contact page, on the main / home page of the site there is a Help button at the top center, and one of the menu options under the Help button is a link to contact the webmaster. A direct link to the Help button also appears in all mails the site sends you. Please use the site to contact us, for any problem you have, and we will respond within 8 business hours.

    Someone will send me a message ,when i reply they dont get my messages

    You will never meet anyone on this site because a member will send you a message ,but when you reply they dont get your message.

    Nothing yet

    The inability to correspond with members


    Lots of unsolicited contacts, until I made a payment. Site keeps telling me that my activation is in process, an will be ready at a given time. Then the screen jumps to a looped advertisement. Log out and back in again, and the whole story repeats itself, niw with a new time. Not cool. Have reported this to my contact at the police's cyber crimes unit.




    Joined stoutgat, have tried numerous other sites before finding stoutgat. (A) it's a purely SA site so no contacts from ppl across the Atlantic. (B) yes obviously they have changed their policy, you join for free but in order to contact others you need to pay, big like as this eliminates receiving dubious contacts who entice you to join other sites (c) strict security measures in place, had to wait 2hrs after payment for them to authenticate my payment before I could contact others, again in my eyes a big plus as again eliminates scammers. (D) all photos have to be approved and authenticated, no fake profiles. (E) you control who can contact you, so no contact from people whom you have no desire to be in contact with. Overall happy to be a paying member of this site.

    Easy navigation
    Only contact those who meet your criteria
    Plenty of active profiles

    Would like a section "More about me" where you can give a short bio to attract others.
    Profile photos a bit small to view easy


    I am apprehensive, to use this site, as, there are so many scam sites out there, and this is possibly, just another one of them.
    They advertise as a free site, but then your membership expires quickly. You can't even read others messages ,to you.
    Plus, they attempt extensively to coerce you, to the full membership.
    Don't trust it.
    If sites like this, wanted business, they should allow people to communicate for free, for at least a week, with real members, not fake profiles, and then ask for payment.
    Too many other sites like this, which are fake.
    Makes me suspicious



    Deleted profile

    I wanted to active my profile after deleting it, but it is impossible. - Total waste of time

    Free members receive lots of communication but once you become a full member, communication stops. This is definitely a waste of time. I've been on many dating websites and this is by far the poorest and worst there is. STAY AWAY FROM STOUTGAT.NET!!!!


    Waste of time
    Poorly designed website
    Users look very suspicious

    False and slanderous reviews

    As the owners of, there are serious issues with the deceitful, slanderous and false reviews of our site. One of the so-called reviews makes the following ludicrous assertions:

    "This is a pure scam site." Slanderous allegation and completely untrue. I challenge the person to write this under his own name, because we WILL take legal action against him. We would be happy to produce site logs and database entries proving this, if the person who makes these allegations sends us his user name.

    "Probably harvesting emails as you sign up." Blatant lie. Our Privacy Policy makes it clear we will NEVER share of sell or share any email addresses. This is actually ludicrous - why on earth would we sell email addresses to our competitors?

    "You will get "likes" and when you pay, there is nothing." - False and unproved allegation. Once again, we publicly challenge the person(s) making these allegations, to provide us with his user name, so that we can prove him wrong by means of site logs and database records.

    "Also no card facility? Very dodgy. Only EFT. " This is a blatant, malicious and total lie. We've had credit card facilities from the start and any member can easily find these on the site. Once again, the mind boggles at the sheer stupidity of this comment. Why on earth would we lose business by not having a credit card facility?

    "There absolutely no way to get in touch of the owner of the site or any reply."
    Once again a blatant lie and falsehood. On the main page of the site, there is a clear Help button, under which anybody can send us a message. We usually respond within 8 business hours. Really, one has to question the motives of whomever made such an easily disproven allegation. Perhaps he's a competitor and jealous of our success, who knows?

    "Oh and if they feel like deleting your account, they will do so. A while ago I tried to sign back in, and it just says - email not found in our database. And I still had a paid subscription for 10 days."
    Sheer and utter nonsense. I challenge the author of this rubbish to provide us with his user name. Why on EARTH would we delete somebody's profile out of the blue? We want people to stay on the site, for goodness' sake! That's our business!! Given the idiocy of the lies and slander perpetrated above, I would not be surprised if the person simply forgot which address he used to register on the site.

    All in all, as the owners of, we find these malicious "reviews" to be a clear instance of slander, and we SHALL pursue legal action against whomever perpetrates such lies and slander. The fact that this site,, allows such slanderous and untrue allegations, is in itself cause for legal action.

    It's a scam alright!!!!

    You can be a free member of the site for years and every day someone will like you or try to contact you and you can check out their profile and all of that shit. BUT!!! The moment you become a paying member there is some kind of a glitch or problem. You can't send messages or check out profiles. Just some kind of halfass excuse of a face error page or some pages not loading correctly.


    That's all it is. A con.

    Stay FAR away from this site

    This is a pure scam site. Probably harvesting emails as you sign up. You will get "likes" and when you pay, there is nothing.
    You can send "likes" or messages to 30 people and you still won't get anything. Not even someone who viewed you back.
    And always when you pay, they have this little thing that says: "your discounted price if you pay within 24 hours.
    Also no card facility? Very dodgy. Only EFT. Trust me - when your money is gone it is gone. There absolutely no way to get in touch of the owner of the site or any reply.

    Oh and if they feel like deleting your account, they will do so. A while ago I tried to sign back in, and it just says - email not found in our database. And I still had a paid subscription for 10 days.

    Absolute nothing.

    Just read my review.

    this is a scam side

    I had about three to four letters a week till I paid and got a member and no answer at all from no one> Be aware this is just abig SCAM to get you to sign up

    crappy site

    this site will block you indeed you try to send messages to other people unless you pay, as were it is advertised as free

    No pros here have never been able to properly communicate with anyone over and doubt i will ever meet anyone if indeed i were too hold a damm conversation, further more i seriously doubt that i would meet anyone after paying them as this site has now lost my trust twice.


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