Lots of unsolicited contacts, until I made a payment. Site keeps telling me that my activation is in process, an will be ready at a given time. Then the screen jumps to a looped advertisement. Log out and back in again, and the whole story repeats itself, niw with a new time. Not cool. Have reported this to my contact at the police's cyber crimes unit.



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It appears that you may have paid using an EFT payment. If you paid from a different bank (not the same bank as ours), we will not see the payment in our account immediately. In the worst case, if you pay on a Saturday afternoon, or a Sunday, we will only see the payment in our account on the Tuesday morning after the Sunday. So, if people pay by EFT, we first have to check your proof of payment, in order to prevent fraud. As is made clear on the site, there may be a delay, but we almost always complete our checks the next day, even if you do pay at 23h59 on a Saturday night. To label the site a so-called scam due to the fact that we are forced to take security measures, is quite frankly not reasonable, and we will take legal action against these kind of fake allegations.

You know what,im having the same problem and when you query this they have an attitude and send you stupid they took my money and still they tell me i did not pay.sies reporting this to hello peter and ombudsman.

The mail below was sent to the person at 16:52 on 17 November, before he posted his complaint here. In the mails we sent him, we politely asked him to provide proof of the payment he allegedly made, and advised him to upload his proof on the site. He admitted that he received our mail. He chose not to provide proof of payment, choosing instead to come and complain on this site and make false allegations. We can unfortunately not accept any responsibility if a person acts in bad faith.



We have not received any proof from you. Kindly send us the proof and we will activate your account, or go to the site to do a self-service activation. This should not be a problem?

On 2021/11/17 16:49, Jacques Nell wrote:

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