Behaviour slander

Scam swears and carries on like a 5 year old todler the owner at webmd@gmail the site is a legit scam.


Slaunders and swears or cusses when trying to ask about acc issues.Website is litteraly a scam ,if need screenshots of his email responses can be sent.

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We have no record of any so-called member called "Anke" ever using that nickname on our site and we invite the alleged member called "Anke" to provide evidence of any attempt to contact us, or to prove that she (Anke being a female name) ever being a member on our site? We have searched for any member called Anke and could not find her. If the alleged member doesn't exist, but still makes allegations about the site being a so-called scam, we wish to advise the individual posting this fake review that we shall take all and any possible legal action against her for making fake allegations. Secondly, the alleged "" email address doesn't belong to our site, which makes the alleged "scam" allegations completely ludicrous. seems to be an American site offering medical advice. Again, for the alleged "Anke" to be making fake allegations exposes the alleged "Anke" to actual legal action.

Ill happily quickly link the screenshots of [email protected] in ,ill ask site admins if there is a way

After beieng called a white k ,a dumbp im noy going to put my name here ,the staff replied i can attach a screenshot tommorow morning ,so let us wait and discuss it after i posted the thread of the whole email convo and screenshots.

Again, we don't have - and have never had - any member called Anke in our database. Kindly provide us with your email address or phone number, so that we may find your alleged profile and investigate your allegations?
Thanking you in advance.

I agree the way they reply on email so arrogant and tough sitting behind a computer and speak to customers the way they do, you should try that attitude face to face your site has problems and pointing it out to you apparently hurts your feelings and make you all agro (on email). I will publicly on all media platforms NOT RECOMMEND any of your sites your customer service is non existent you do not know how to deal with people and requesting me to provide my banking detail on a email seriously that is how you do time you want to send a threatening email please include your company phone number and address i can always come visit and resolve the issues you have personally

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