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this is a scam site

Review about Find My Flirts

Facts stated on this site are complete lies . Enticing lures are set up to keep people buying tokens with the hope to make contact ,NO CONTACT is ever possible . This site uses its own staff to make comments which builds up hope to only eventually take your money......THIS IS A SCAM

n0 pros

its a scam

contacts debatable

Review about Secret Cheaters

My experience that this site has insiders who act on behalf of contacts because many of the opening stories are all the same ...many of the responses are evasive and the same and that the site is geared to keep you buying tokens ,If you've ever used this site and made a proper contact with the opposite sex you had beter make that process public because its not possible to make a physical contact...even if you on this site everyday 24/7 for a month wont make a contact in real life


impossible to make a physical contact